Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

Eye movement is a good indicator of attention. Therefore, it is a good indicator of cognitive processes that are taking place in our minds. The visual representation of the world is selective (we do not see everything which is in front of us), because it follows search objectives. We see, remind and feel emotions all at the same time.

The methods and technologies to register eye movement allow us detecting the priorities of attention, interpreting them and thus making a better diagnosis.

Applications of eye tracking

Advertising Pre-test

  • We see, remember and feel at the same time.
  • Our pupils dilate when we see something that interests us especially.

Advertising diagnosis

  • Is the brand being perceived during the "brand moments"?
  • Communication potential of certain visual elements.

Pack Test

  • Visual strength of the pack on the shelves.
  • Visual diagnosis of the pack.


  • Contribution of the visual strength vs. contribution of the memory factors.
  • How to improve the visual strength of the brand on the shelves.

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