TAWI (Tablet Assistant Web Interview)


TAWI is an innovative system developed by Análisis e Investigación with the objective of improving the quality of the traditional methods (personal interviews on paper or in CAPI) of information compiling in quantitative studies with personal field.

The interviewers use a Tablet-PC connected with 3G technology and with the adequate software for the interview. The Tablet-PC automatically downloads on the central server the interviews as soon as they are finished and the technicians may monitor the process thanks to the different control variables.

Real time compilation and follow-up:

  • Data transmission of the interview data when the interview is executed.
  • Quota control.
  • Remote supervision of interviewers.
  • Information depuration in the very moment of its compilation.
  • "User friendly" interface, intuitive and easy to use (both for the survey itself and for the data management).
  • Crossed security (access passwords) and HTTPS (encrypted data transmission protocol).

The control panels allows the technicians to:

  • Visualize the finished interviews.
  • Non-finished interviews (filters and negatives).
  • Duration of each interview.
  • Quota compliance.
  • Monitoring of risk variables.

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